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Amy and Martin are available to help you arrange a burial or purchase a plot in advance. In either circumstance please phone us to discuss arrangements and to book a visit at which time you can select a plot.

There are three ways to organise a funeral at Eden Valley. One way is to employ a funeral director to arrange the funeral, which will normally include a hearse to bring the deceased to Eden Valley and pall bearers to carry and lower the coffin into the grave.

As an alternative to employing a funeral director, some families organise the funeral themselves. This will involve buying a coffin and transporting the deceased person to Eden Valley in an appropriate vehicle. If this is what you wish to do, once you arrive at the burial ground Martin will support and guide you.

A third option at Eden Valley, is a family and friend led funeral with the support of Amy and supervised by Martin on the day. Please call or email Amy to discuss how we can help.

For many people being actively involved in the burial of their loved one or friend is a positive experience, and the friends and family can take real ownership of the funeral.

There are no buildings at Eden Valley, but if you wish, gazebos or marquees can be erected to provide a sheltered area in which to have a service or wake. For small or medium gatherings a 3 by 3 meter gazebo is available for hire from Eden Valley (top right photo) which can be set up close to the graveside, or elsewhere on the site. For larger structures please contact Glorious Gazebos on 01959 533861.

We only conduct one funeral a day at Eden Valley, this allows families and friends as much time as they like to say goodbye. There is no rush and people can do or organise whatever they feel is right.  It can be a celebration with music, food and drink, or a simple, quiet and reflective time. It is your choice and there is no wrong or right way to say goodbye.

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A Skipper visiting the tufted vetch.

We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs.

We welcome people of all faiths and beliefs. Some families choose to hold a ceremony at the graveside. Some arrive for the burial after attending a service in church or at another venue. Sometimes there is no ceremony at all and the coffin is simply brought to the burial ground and interred.  Other families have a small private interment followed by a memorial service another day.

Burial Plot Purchase

The purchase of a burial plot is for the right of burial in the plot only and does not confer ownership of the ground or any other rights. If you purchase a plot in advance you will be given a Right of Burial Certificate.

This will show the type of plot chosen and its location, using co-ordinates generated using permanent markers, trig points, within the site. Plots are released in phases and you can choose between a number of plots at any given time.

Every family will receive a copy of a plan showing the position of a relevant grave.


Wildlife at Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground in Kent
Bio Degradable Coffin at a Natural Death Funeral

Natural and Environmentally Friendly.

As a truly natural burial ground we welcome bio-degradable, non toxic coffins, shrouds and ashes caskets/urns. Traditional, solid wooden coffins (not chipboard) are acceptable, as long as they are made with wood taken from managed, accredited British forests.

We do not permit non-degradable linings or plastic. So all handles, linings and pillows should be made from and stuffed with natural fibres. People can be buried with possessions; letters, jewellery, food and drink, horse shoes, tobacco etc but these must be made from natural materials.

Helpful Guides:

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground

Eden Valley is a beautiful green burial ground located in Kent. Open to people of all faiths or none. You can hold a ceremony elsewhere or at the graveside.

Burial Plot Prices

Burial Plot Prices

Eden Valley has a range of burial plots that can be purchased in advance by those wishing to get their affairs in order, or they can be chosen at the time of need.

Funerals - Planning Ahead

Funerals – Planning Ahead

Many people find it comforting to know where they will be laid to rest. Furthermore, it also sends a clear message to your family that this is where you want to be.