Burial Plot Prices (2021)

Purchase in advance or at the time of need

Adult Grave (space for one person)£775
Ashes Plot£210
Ashes Scattering£210

A plot for a child under 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy can be claimed by Eden Valley directly from the Children’s Funeral Fund

For babies before the 24th week of pregnancy please contact the site directly for options.

We also have a charge which is paid into a ring-fenced fund, covering the long term management and protection of the site once all the grave spaces are sold.

This maintenance fund will ensure that the site remains an accessible, safe and pleasant place to visit, long into the future. This fund will be managed by the trustees and will cover maintenance, insurance and habitat management once the site is full.

Minimum Contribution – £20

Please make the above payments to ‘Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground’

Grave Preparation & Administration

Payable at the time of a funeral only.

Interment Fee£550
Ashes Interment£310

Grave preparation and administration for a child under 18 or a baby stillborn after the 24th week of pregnancy can be claimed by Eden Valley directly from the Children’s Funeral Fund

For babies before the 24th week of pregnancy please contact the site directly for options.

These prices include the provision and planting of a memorial tree (60cm whip) – on or near the grave, a tree guard and stake (full burials only). The interment of ashes takes place around existing trees.

If families wish to plant something bigger than a whip we will arrange this as part of “Tree Planting Day” in late winter and will endeavour to source the best saplings, at the best prices, each year. Cost is between £70 and £150 depending on the size and species. Payment for the interment to: ‘House Cemetery Maintenance’

How to find Eden Valley Burial Ground in Kent UK

Download Price List

Download our latest Price List and Information Pack. Please telephone us to discuss your exact needs.


Telephone 07802 630012


Burial Details

You are purchasing a ‘Right of Burial’ on your chosen plot, and have secured it whether you occupy it immediately or in 10, 20 or 60 years time.

The grave preparation and administration fees will of course rise over time and are payable when a burial takes place. However, should your plot remain unoccupied within 30 years from date of purchase, we require that you contact us and re-sign – at no extra cost, to confirm that you still wish to be buried with us. Of course if you move home you will also need to notify us.

Individuals buying a pre-purchase plot must appreciate that if their plot is not occupied for many years, that their neighbours’ trees may have developed to the extent that the canopy may have closed in. The burial can still take place but there may not be enough light for their own memorial tree to flourish. Some species like hazel will do better in these circumstances. As would ferns and woodland flowers like sweet woodruff, violets, primrose and foxglove.


We appreciate that sometimes situations change. If you move far away or emigrate we will refund the original purchase price minus an administration charge, currently £100 pounds. If you change your mind, there is a 28 day cooling off period.

Rights of Burial to specific plots can be sold on the open market and transferred to a new owner. Simply inform us if you have sold or given the rights away and we can update our records. New owners must agree and sign the Terms and Conditions.

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Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground

Eden Valley Woodland Burial Ground

Eden Valley is a beautiful green burial ground located in Kent. Open to people of all faiths or none. You can hold a ceremony elsewhere or at the graveside.

Burial Plot Prices

Burial Plot Prices

Eden Valley has a range of burial plots that can be purchased in advance by those wishing to get their affairs in order, or they can be chosen at the time of need.

Funerals and the Burial Process

Funerals and the Burial Process

Our experienced, caring staff are available immediately to help you arrange a burial or purchase a plot in advance.