Eden Valley Burial Ground is open at all reasonable times

You are very welcome to explore this beautiful site, stay for a picnic and enjoy the wildlife. Obviously ensure that you leave the site as you find it and take all litter home.

Please be aware that there is open water and a stream that could pose a danger to children. Also do not enter the woodland on windy days.

Dogs should be kept on a lead as we have ground nesting wildlife on site including our tuneful nightingale. Please clean up any mess.

If you wish to be shown around the site and discuss the options available and understand the management of the burial ground please make an appointment with the staff who will be pleased to meet you.

If you are a disabled visitor and wish to bring your car into the main site please phone ahead to ensure that the staff are expecting you and that there is no funeral taking place.

Loose cut flowers, that are not wrapped in cellophane, can be left on the graves. Please DO NOT not bring plants to the site without first consulting the staff, any unsuitable planting will unfortunately have to be removed. Please DO NOT tie flowers to trees or stakes and do not sink vases into the ground, they become death traps for small animals.

Man walking in Eden Valley Burial Ground in Kent UK

How to find us.

We are situated just north of the Kent and Surrey golf course on Crouch House Road (through the rail tunnel).

Eden Valley W.B.G.
Crouch House Road
Edenbridge, Kent

Telephone 07802 630012

[email protected]