“Martin and wife were exceptional throughout; thoughtful and respectful – an utterly
professional and outstanding service.”
November 2018

“It is a beautiful site, very peaceful and natural – exactly what my Dad wanted.”
February 2019

“I was surprised to learn that woodland burials are so much cheaper than in local
authority cemeteries. We were given all the time we wanted, the walk to the plot
with the bier became a part of our process. I cannot thank Eden Valley enough.”
February 2019

“The burial site is beautiful and peaceful. The ability to choose exactly how you want
the service to be and having the site for the day, add to what a special place it is
and how it enabled us to create a special atmosphere.” 
May 2019

“Martin and his wife were lovely and supportive during a horrible time. We couldn’t
have been happier with how the day went. My Mum would have loved it and
everyone said how lovely it was.”
August 2019

“Eden Valley is such a beautiful place, so peaceful and natural. Martin is such a kind
man and really cares about the flora and fauna at the site. The funeral and the site
would be exactly what my Mum wanted.”
December 2019

“Being able to plan a day that was ours and knowing that we were doing things in a
way that Dad would have approved of was really important to us as a family. Martin
and Amy gave us that. The site is truly special and Martin and Amy complete it.
Martin’s support from the point of collecting Dad from Bristol meant that we didn’t
ever worry about him. The day itself was beautiful – not a word I have ever used to
describe a burial. With Martin’s support we had the confidence to do everything
ourselves. Thank you.” 
December 2019

“My husband died after a very short illness and we were in total shock. Finding Eden
Valley and giving him such a lovely simple and personal burial has helped me and
the children feel we did our very best for him and come to terms with our loss. We
feel close to him and look forward to the changing seasons. Roll on Spring.”
December 2019

“I was over the moon when Martin let me dig my own grave. Mum and I are
gardeners and I felt it was very fitting to return her to the soil in this way. I can’t
recommend the DIY funeral enough!”
April 2020

“We as a family were dreading the day of Mum’s funeral. However, upon arrival at
Eden Valley, the calm peace and tranquillity of the place felt like we were bringing
Mum home.”
May 2020