At Eden Valley our grounds cover 26 acres and from our car park to graveside the journey will be 400 to 600 meters. Most people on the day of a funeral, or if they are coming to visit a loved one, will walk from the car park to the grave but we appreciate for some people this is not easy or possible. So that everyone is able to get to the graveside we have laid down a driveable track from the car park to the burial area. This allows people who can not walk very far to be driven the majority of the way and then take a short walk from the car to the graveside.

We have recently established a burial area adjacent to the end of our driveable track. Graves in this area are a few meters away from where the car would be parked, so a person or persons can remain in the car, or sit just outside the car, but still be close to the burial. This area is ideal for people who can not walk at all or move around the site by wheelchair, as they will be able to visit a plot or attend the interment of their friend or loved one.

It is important to understand that our track at Eden Valley is not to be treated as a road, the use of cars on the track is limited to people who would not otherwise be able to get to the graveside. A maximum of two cars can use the track on the day of a funeral and ideally these should be medium or small sized cars. For people who have mobility issues we would encourage you to visit Eden Valley so that you can assess the grounds for yourself and Martin can show you how we do things, or you can call us and we can give advice and hear about your situation.